Psychological Cabinet Warsaw Wlochy

I am a psychologist and also a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist in training. 



I work individually with young people aged 15 and over and adults



I am also close to working with parents and carers who encounter all kinds of obstacles on their parenting journey and need signposts to carefully and consciously accompany their charges in their development.



My therapeutic heart especially beats for young mothers who, at this beautiful but also sensitive moment of enormous transformation and entering a new role, need a unique wrapping and support.



I have gained professional experience in foster care, a community school complex, an Adolescent Mental Health Clinic or commercial practices. I did my professional and clinical internship at the Association for Victims of Family Violence “Blue Line”.

What I love about my profession:


The opportunity for continuous development and being able to witness the inspiring journeys towards change of the clients I accompany.


What is important to me in my work is:


During the collaborative process I undertake with the client, the most important thing for me is to establish a warm, safe relationship, full of mutual respect and understanding.
I value naturalness and authenticity and, following Viktor Frankl, a sense of humour: “It is a well-known fact that a sense of humour, like no other character trait, allows a person to keep his distance and gives him the ability to rise – if only for a short while – above virtually any circumstance.” I trust that my clients have the resources they need to live a worthwhile life, sometimes dusted off and inaccessible, so together we try to bring them out and strengthen them.


I am happy to support you:

when you are struggling with mood disorders, sadness, longing
you are experiencing anxiety, restlessness, chronic stress
when you are searching for your lost self-esteem in life
when you want to assert yourself and test your assertiveness
you are trying to come to terms with your anger and learn how to deal with it
when you need a warm and supportive talk, full of researched methods and tools


I feel happy when:


I am with my loved ones, drinking warm coffee, laughing out loud and having the opportunity to cook for others.

Anna Bastecka - Trzeciak

psychologist, psychotherapist

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